Stage ONE: think of what you want to show and send an outline or draft

Dear Ambassadors of Peace!
Today, Lia, Ronny and myself had an appointment in the office of somebody who will advise us how to apply to the European Commission, which supports youth encounters. We may be able to apply to them for funds, but I FIRST have to receive ALL your drafts for the Ambassador of Peace Exhibition
From all the drafts we receive, a jury will chose those which will be shown in the exhibition. Of course everybody can send a draft; the more I receive, the better the chances to set up the exhitbition. I cannot apply for funds before all the drafts are here. So please start thinking about what you would like to show and start preparing your Ambassador of Peace piece of work. I will let you know until which date your draft-and-outline need to be in my hands in order for me to apply for funds.
You do not have to actually FINISH your work in this first stage, but you MUST send an elaborate outline, that explains exactly what and how you are going to show your work at the Exhibition & Conference.
The drafts and outlines must be sent to my personal email-account, re: Ambassador Exhibition.

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