Ambassador of Peace Exhibition and Conference

Ambassador of Peace – Exhibition and Conference
(First draft)

A conference is planned at which Ambassadors of Peace, who have participated in one of the ten peacecamps that took place in Austria and in Israel since 2004 – see – will meet and exhibit the results of their work as Ambassadors of Peace.

This first Ambassador of Peace Conference will take place in Vienna/Austria and last three days.

All participants of the conference will be titled “Ambassadors of Peace”. The conference will mainly be designed and realized by the Ambassadors who attend it.

The realization of the conference is totally contingent upon the cooperation of all who attend it.


By joining one of the ten peacecamps which took place since 2004, you have manifested interest in the complex issues which are part of the social and political landscape of your own region. You have given thought to the very difficult problems which block the way to peace in Israel/Palestine and learned about past and present social and political problems in Europe. During peacecamp, you have discussed these issues with people from other countries and have exchanged ideas on how to resolve the problems of your region and of your time.

You took a lot of new thoughts and ideas back home from peacecamp and may have continued developing your own and your friends' ideas about the obstacles to peace in your region and ways to resolve them. You have become an Ambassador of Peace.

Be an Ambassador of Peace

We would now like to set up an exhibition, at which Ambassadors of Peace develop, expose and share their thoughts about the core questions of peacecamp:

1. What does the word peace mean to you in the context of your own life?
2. What are the main obstacles to peace in the context of your own life?
3. What have you done so far to promote peace in your own country?
4. What can you do in the future to promote peace in your own country?

Exhibition: Ambassadors of Peace

We would now want you to share your own personal way of promoting peace as an Ambassador of Peace.
Please send us a piece of work which you have performed during the last one or two years prior to the conference which shows your own personal way to relate to these questions. Your contribution may be an individual work or a group work, according to what you chose.

You may want to
- put up a peace project of your own, involving your friends or your neighbours or any other partners
- present a peace-promoting project in which you engage
- write an essay, a theatre play, a movie script or produce any other piece of art about these questions
- write a song or a poem, or produce a sculpture, a video film, a show, a painting, a drawing, a text or any other a piece of art - something of your own way of expression, content and style that can be shown in the exhibition as your own contribution as an Ambassador of Peace.

We will expose all the contributions we receive from all the Ambassadors of Peace who attend the conference and would like you to be there and to show what your contribution is all about and how you deal with the word peace within your own group of reference.


In order to register, applicants must:

- fill a registration form (will be provided) with their full name and contact data (name, e-mail, post address, telephone number, year of their peacecamp), declaration of cooperation and signature. Minors must present their parents' signature.
- submit a piece of work representing their personal involvement with peace work – this could be the description and presentation of a peace-project in which they are involved, an article, a painting, a song, a video film, a book, a sculpture, a drawing, or any other piece of work portraying the ambassador's attitude, ideas or enhancement of peace in the context of their own region and their own world.

A deadline will be set for applications and submission of contribution.
In order for the conference to take place, registration forms and submission of contribution must be presented within deadline (to be announced).

Exhibition and Conference

- The organizing committee will evaluate the submitted pieces of work and set up an exhibition of the Ambassadors' peace work. At the conference, Ambassadors are expected to present their work to the audience and to elaborate on their ideas about peace work within their own living context.
- The organizing committee will organize a few activities/workshops to take place within the conference, based upon and around the focus of interest reflected by the pieces of work submitted.
- The organizing committee will provide time and suggestions for some informal social and touristic activities within and around the conference

Call for contributions

We need the cooperation of all of you in order to be able to realize the plan of the Ambassador of Peace Exhibition and Conference. Without your personal contributions/exhibits, there cannot be an exhibition and without it, thee will be no conference.



Duration, Dates, Fee and other organizational issues

Information about duration, dates and participation fee will be announced at a later stage.

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