Monday, 15. October 2012
4 answer4peace

omar shahwan, peacecamp 2010, Arab delegation

1. What does the word peace mean to you in the context of your own life?
Peace is having the freedom to express yourself without judgment and ridicule. Peace is having the ability to maneuver on a daily basis, without fear of isolation, harm, or some form of retaliation for being who you are. Peace is something that is often taken for granted by those who can have it at any time they choose. Lastly, peace is more than just a sign – it is a blessing for those who have and appreciate it.

2. What are the main obstacles to peace in the context of your own life?
Nationalism, greed, power, and ego... it is a pity that some governments cant get past these factors, and I think that when the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. So we should tare the hatred from our hearts.

3. What have you done so far to promote peace in your own country?

i participated in several peace projects, and i made a project about world peace .

4. What can you do in the future to promote peace in your own country?

i think that we can achieve peace in this country, but in order to achieve it we should listen to the other side first. And I have a duty for my country so I will volunteer to help my people whenever i get the chance.